About Japan Golf Tourism Association (JGTA)

Organization name Japan Golf Tourism Association (JGTA)
About JGTA The Japan Golf Tourism Association (JGTA) was established with the mission of popularizing golf tourism and expanding the golf tourism market by leveraging the strategic resource of world-renowned golf courses in Japan in order to contribute to regional revitalization and the government’s efforts to promote Japan as a tourist destination.
The G7 Ise-Shima Summit was successfully held in 2016, and the Japanese sports and tourism industries are innovating and developed with the goal of successfully holding the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Based on this trend, we at the JGTA, together with golfers and experts knowledgeable about golf-tourism around the world, will strive to further develop and expand golf tourism in Japan. We ask for your firm support and cooperation in this endeavor.
Project Purpose
JGTA Activities
  1. PR activities and communicating information on golf tourism in Japan to markets outside Japan
  2. Handling inquiries related to golf tourism from markets outside Japan (one-stop contact center)
  3. Organizing and coordinating joint exhibits representing Japan at major events related to golf tourism worldwide
  4. Public awareness activities for golf tourism in Japan
  5. Support for golf courses in Japan receiving foreign golf tourists
  6. Commissioned research related to golf tourism from national and local government bodies

Contact Information

Japan Golf Tourism Association

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