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  • Japan has the third largest in numbers of golf courses in the world. Enjoy diverse variety of courses, which would be a delightful discovery.

    Number of golf courses in Japan exceeded 2,300 behind the United States and Great Britain. According to geographic features in Japan, ­golf courses are rich in variation; mountains, hills and seaside courses. The satisfy very golfers, and many prominent golfers repeat playing in Japan. Also, you can play golf around cherry blossoms and autumn leaves to feel Japanese beautiful seasons. The golf courses near Mount Fuji offer golfing behind majestic Mount Fuji covered with snow.
  • Many specialized shops to get the finest quality of golf equipment

    Not only golf courses, but also a range of shops specialized in golf attract golf lovers. The world-famous golf clubs by Honma Golf and Dunlop Golfing are available. Also, a number of outlets and second-hand shops offer reasonable items. The golf clubs can be adjusted to fit yourself.
  • Annually 100 Japan Golf Tours

    More than 100 Japan Golf Tours for male, female and seniors per year are held in Japan. Many golf fans from all over the world visit the site. The admission fee to the site is relatively reasonable, and it would be the worthful golf lessons to witness the professional performance.
  • Golf lessons in Japan, where more than 4,000 golf teaching professionals is registered

    It is said that Japanese are hard-working and practice a lot. Consequently, practicing at golf schools is extremely popular, and it appears to be more that 4,000 golf teaching professionals in Japan. Recently, teaches overseas visitors in English followed by its high demand. It is worth having a lesson that is based on actual theories, when you visit Japan. Your swing would be improved beyond your imagination.
  • Attractions other than golf, such as Onsen, shrines, Japanese food, Ryokan and nature activities

    Recently, a number of overseas tourists visiting Japan are rapidly increasing, and Japan boasts its valued aspects of cultures. In addition to golf activities, enjoy visiting many famous sites and historical spots in regions that symbolize the time-honored Japanese culture.

Sample Itineraries

(1) Sightseeing around Mount Fuji and Golf with Mount Fuji Scenery (3D2N)

Day 1 Narita/ Haneda Airport➡Sightseeing in Tokyo➡Overnight in Tokyo
Day 2 Playing golf in Shizuoka/ Yamanashi: Overnight at Lake Kawaguchiko and Gotemba
Day 3 Sightseeing around Mt. Fuji

Resort Golf in Tropical Okinawa (4D3N)

Day 1 Narita/ Haneda Airport➡Naha Airport➡Sightseeing in Naha (overnight in Naha)
Day 2 Playing golf in Okinawa (overnight in Naha)
Day 3 Playing golf at another golf course (overnight at beach resort)
Day 4 Free for leisure➡Naha Airport

Fully Enjoy yourself at Hokkaido! (5D4N)

Day 1 Narita/ Haneda Airport➡Shin-chitose Airport➡Sightseeing in Sapporo (overnight in Sapporo)
Day 2 Sightseeing in Sapporo
Day 3 Playing golf at Asahikawa (overnight in Asahikawa)
Day 4 Playing golf at Furano (overnight in Furano)
Day 5 Sightseeing in Furano➡Asahikawa Airport

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